Director of Student Affairs

Upon receiving notification of a mental health incident involving a University student, the responsibilities of the Dean of Students are as follows:

1.    Contact the Emergency Manager and activate the Emergency Management and Response Network )

2.    Contact the Student Bureau if the student is an international student.

3.    Assess the situation to decide which University official, if any, should go to the site or to the hospital.

4.    As soon as possible, initiate a debriefing session and determine who should contact the family on behalf of the University.

6.    Contact the Health Care Centre, which will contact the Counselling Centre.

7.    Maintain direct contact with CPU.

8.    Provide information to all students regarding the nature of the incident and if additional security or care while on campus is needed.

9.    After assessment of level of risk, the Head of the Counselling Centre may request the Dean of Students to inform the student in writing that s/he is required to withdraw from University for an extended period (usually 6 months) to seek appropriate treatment.

10.  DoS copies this letter to Registrar and Hall Warden, who inform relevant parties, maintaining suitable levels of confidentiality.

11. Return and re-registration of the student is subject to appropriate specialist recommendation and approval from Head of the Counselling Centre.

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