Managers / Heads of Departments

Every HOD, in collaboration with or on behalf of their respective Dean, has the following general responsibilities:

  1. Appoint a Building Emergency Coordinator for every building in which his/her department has an activity, and Building Emergency Coordinator assistants (also known as a ‘floor marshals’, ‘floor monitors’ or ‘incident officers’) for each floor or area of the building.
  2. Work with the Building Emergency Coordinator in developing building-specific evacuation guidelines (drawing on the FIRE-GEAR evacuation template) and designated primary and alternative Emergency Assembly Points.
  3. Provide the Safety, Health & Environmental Officer with the names, titles and phone numbers of their designated Emergency Response Support personnel (Building Emergency Coordinators and assistants; first aiders; elementary fire fighters), and also notifying him/her of any changes that occur subsequent to their designation.
  4. Ensure that these personnel receive appropriate on-the-job-training during normal working hours. This training is the responsibility of relevant members of the Emergency Response Group and includes, but is not limited to, the teaching of emergency techniques (such as use of fire extinguisher and standpipe fire hoses), fire drills and use of emergency exits.
  5. Ensure that employees and/or students in his/her department or area of responsibility are provided with general information concerning Rhodes University emergency procedures, as well as particular information such as building-specific evacuation procedures and Emergency Assembly Points.

Every HOD, in collaboration with their respective Emergency Response Support personnel, has the following general responsibilities in the event of an emergency:

  1. Informs all personnel under his or her direction of the emergency situation
  2. Informs staff and/or students in his/her department / area of responsibility of an emergency and, if appropriate, initiates emergency procedures.
  3. Assists students, staff, and other faculties in responding correctly to building evacuation guidelines and directs them to report to their designated Emergency Assembly Point.

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