Campus Protection Unit

Upon receiving notification of a violent crime involving a University student or employee, the responsibilities for CPU are as follows:

  1. CPU shift supervisor should immediately notify the CPU duty officer who should obtain relevant information such as:
  • When and where did the incident occur?
  • What specifically happened? What is the nature of the injuries?
  • Who was involved? What is their student status?
  • Are the local media involved and/or on scene?
  • Has the next of kin or designated contact persons of the involved student / employee been contacted? If so, who has been contacted?
  • Confirm if involved parties are actually University students or employees.
  • Are the local police involved?
  1. Secure the incident area. CPU guard assesses incident. Contact emergency personnel as applicable.
  2. Coordinate the information disseminated to local law enforcement at the scene (if applicable).
  3. The Manager of CPU should contact the Emergency Manager and Chair of the Management Team to activate the Emergency Management and Response Network )
  4. Maintain contact with the Dean of Students (w.r.t. students) or the manager / head of department (w.r.t. employees), and onsite CPU Officers.

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