Telecommuncations failure

This section assumes that no other emergency or disaster has occurred requiring building evacuations or halting daily business activities. Emergency situations causing telecommunications failure can be the result of a variety of incidents, from a simple power outage to a severe storm. In the event that the campus telephone system becomes inoperable, there are a number of emergency telephones on campus that will allow key personnel and the CPU to communicate with individuals on or off campus.

Each emergency phone should clearly be marked with a label stating “EMERGENCY PHONE”.

These formal emergency phones are powered by the Information Technology Division standby generator. Courtesy phones can also be used as emergency phones, though not all are powered by emergency power supplies. In the event of a power outage, the normal University extension number may not be operational, and the number of the emergency phone will have to be given to those you call in order for them to call you back. Most emergency phones will only work internally. The following table identifies the location and numbers of the emergency office phones.


[John Stevens to provide numbers and locations, PLEASE]

In the event of a mass telecommunications failure affecting one or more buildings, the priority for the Management Team is to establish a method of communications so that the building occupants will be able to continue to operate and still have emergency communications as necessary.

Emergency Response Group Procedures




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