Director of Communications and Marketing Division

The Director of Communications and Marketing, or an approved designated staff member from the Division, are solely responsible for engaging with the media. S/he is responsible for ensuring that communication to stakeholders and the media is in accordance with policy, that the media and stakeholders are updated regularly, and issues emanating from the emergency are promptly and adequately addressed. The Director has the following responsibilities:

  1. Serves as a member of the Management Team.
  2. Ensures all the necessary communication procedures are in place and ready for deployment
  3. Prepares appropriate communication material such as core messages, briefing documents, updates, media releases, internal and external stakeholders as well as the media list; prepares the dissemination of communication collateral material to key stakeholders and media through the appropriate channels.
  4. Prepares appropriate up-to-date Emergency Communication File materials for all University personnel. This will include various communication materials such as Management Teamcontact information and Emergency Management and Response Network, and a Wallet Cardcontaining concise information on what to do in an emergency for all staff and students (to be carried at all times).
  5. Activates the Communication Team and ensures appropriate communication materials are disseminated to key stakeholders and media through the appropriate channels.
  6. Anticipates and prepares to manage possible negative issues and media play-out, and activates an issues management plan should the need for this arise.
  7. Liaises with the Information Technology Division to establish what forms of electronic communication are viable at the time.
  8. Dispatches communications to internal stakeholders, external stakeholders and the media once a decision has been taken by the Management Teamand as directed by the Vice-Chancellor.
  9. Monitors the media coverage and identifies issues that will need to be addressed and responded to.
  10. Provides ongoing updates and actively manages issues as and when the situation requires.

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