Information Technology Division

The IT Division is responsible for the University’s information telecommunications and Internet. It has 12 distribution points across campus servicing 7 sectors. The IT Division has the following responsibilities with regard to emergencies which may lead to impacts on the University’s communications channels:

  1. Maintaining the batteries of ‘campus sector distribution facilities’ UPS equipment – which provide backup power for approximately 2-3 hours.
  2. Maintain standby generators (linked to AMM and Struben buildings) – which supply redundancy to core facilities, namely, the University website and telephones (in CPU and other key offices).
  3. Maintain content of the University’s emergency web page (
  1. Assess nature of emergency and manage standby generator load balancing, refuelling, etc, as required. Note: a full tank of diesel will last for 36 hours; these can be refuelled while in operation.
  2. Switch across to the University’s emergency web page (, based on decision by Director of IT Division.

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