Director Information Technology

As the person with overall responsibility for the University’s information telecommunications and Internet, the Director of Information Technology or an approved designated staff member from the IT Division, has the following responsibilities:

  1. Serves as a member of the Management Team.
  2. Ensures all the necessary emergency communication infrastructure is in place and ready for deployment in the event of emergency communication procedures.
  3. Ensures that such infrastructure is tested in all parts of campus on a regular basis.
  4. Liaises with the Director of Communications and Marketing regarding what forms of electronic communication are viable at the time.
  5. In the absence of clear directives from the VC or DVC, staff of the IT Division may be in a position to facilitate emergency communications, using material provided by the Director of Communications and Marketing.
  6. Monitor levels of web-based traffic in order to determine the necessity to transfer traffic from the University’s normal website to the University’s emergency web page hosted in Germany (

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