We have received the following feedback from Amatola Water:

"Update from Amatola Waters: There is a slight improvement on the levels but it's a slow painful wait before people in higher lying areas can get water. We did anticipate it would take about 2 days to recover sufficiently before everyone can have water. The demand is still ever high as people are taking the opportunity to wash and clean up etc after a day of no water. But the system is improving and we hope it will be quicker."


The reservoirs are taking much longer than anticipated as water is being pumped in at 105 litres/second, but is flowing out due to demand at 98 litres/second. Net inflow to raise the levels in the reservoirs is 7 litres/second. Unless the demand reduces, it is going to take a long time to fill the reservoirs to the levels needed to restore water supply to all areas. We have therefore all been requested to reduce water usage as much as possible. Hopefully as demand reduces overnight the reservoir levels will increase faster.


Further updates will be provided as they become available.

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