8 February:  helping first years to adapt in their new environment

This event took place in the Allan Gray common room during 0 Week. Allan Gray first years were familiarised with the Rhodes University systems which comprises of ROSS, RUconnected and how to book study rooms in the library. This also included how to use the meal booking system, how to add printing credits, how to submit documents online, how to check your marks and timetables etc. Rhodes academic exclusion information was also provided and the G7 RULE was printed out that we got from the SRC Academic Councillor.

This was followed by academic quotes posted on the common room notice board.  Students found them useful and they were a huge motivation.

 15 February - 22 March: RU learning

All Drostdy first years started attending relearning which was facilitated by the Drostdy Academic Representatives. It took place each and every Friday during the first term at the Barratt Lecture Theatre from 7-8pm. Its purpose was to adapt first years to the new University environment which is overwhelming at first. We taught from the slides that were posted on RUconnected which included the following topics:   how to reference work, how to make claims and theories, equipping them with free writing skills, etc.

 16-March 2019:  Allan Gray res sister meet and greet event.

This event took place in the Allan Gray common room. Allan Gray first years chose res sisters from the returning students, based on the same hobbies that they share with that particular individual, while some were based on the same degree. The purpose of this event was to make first years feel comfortable around the house, and to bring first years closer to the returning students. Games were played, snacks were served and there was also music.

11 May 2019 –Drosdty academic motivational talk.

This was a very successful event that was open to all Drostdy Hall students. It took place at Barratt 1, and the Barratt foyer was used to serve snacks. The guest speaker was the Dean of Pharmacy, Prof S. Khamanga. The purpose of the talk was to equip Drostdy students with skills for exam preparations and to decrease the elevating intra-personal pressure as the June examinations were approaching.


Top Achiever’s Champagne Breakfast

This event took place in the Allan Gray House common room.  The top 12 students were awarded certificates, based on their mid-year performance.

Common Room Schedule

A schedule for people to minimize the common room bookings during swot week and exam time was made.

~Ayakha Saba, Allan Gray House Academic Rep 2019




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