Allan Gray Awards

Gathering everyone in our house after months of work, getting to know each other and sharing a lot of memories. What better way to end our year than hosting an awards evening? It is just the beginning of spring after a cold and wet winter season, and so the house Comm decided to make this event a fun filled one by deciding the theme for Allan Gray Awards be “Beach Party”. Extra effort in organising this event was of priority. Our house committee showed much enthusiasm and excitement as a result the spirit reflected to every one of us because it was the last and most important event that Allan Gray House was hosting in the year 2014. Great entertainment through speeches as our lady leaders were presenting the awards. Inspiring speech from our house senior as she was about to give way for the house the speech she was basically thanking the whole leadership team in the house and especially Dr Rosa who is our house warden for always being reliable, friendly at any moment of the day and for the house committee for always working together hand in hand and creating environment not only to reside in but also to interact, share good memories and keep winning as a house. The amounts of food, drinks and good music and just the presence of all the house members made the evening all so special and most memorable.

The programme was set as follows: First was presenting the house awards voted by house members of Allan Gray, then followed by general awards just to show appreciation to all house members. Then last and most important one presented by the house warden, the mother of our house, Dr. Rosa Klein was the academic awards.

Allan Gray turned 21 this year (2014).