Drostdy Hall came third out of all the Halls for the November 2018 examination results.

For 2019, we started the year off by hosting a Hall Academic Talk where the Hall Committee members gave a welcome talk to first year students, as well as an address on what to expect from the year ahead.

The Academic Rep from each undergrad residence in the Hall, with the Hall Academic Rep, hosted a 13 week RULearning course for the first year students. Each week we discussed a specific topic related to study, such as referencing as well as reading academic journals.  We constantly encouraged students to speak up regarding any problems they faced relating to their academics, as well as University life in general.

The Academic Reps organised an Academic Talk for the Hall on the 11 May, where an address was given by the Dean of Pharmacy, Professor Khamanga.

At the Welcome Dinner certificates were awarded to the top 5 students in each undergrad residence from the November 2018 exams.  Advocate Shuaib Rahim, Senior Lecturer - Faculty of Law, handed out the certificates.

Graduation 2019:  The following number of Drostdy students graduated:

  • Allan Gray:  4 current, 14 recent.
  • Prince Alfred:  2 current, 5 recent.
  • Graham:  3 current, 8 recent.
  • Celeste:  4 current, 12 recent.


At the Leavers Dinner the top first year from the June exams received an award, as well as the top second and third year from the November 2018 and June 2019 exams combined.

Allan Gray and Prince Alfred House each held a breakfast to congratulate and celebrate their top academic achievers from the June 2019 exams.

Allan Gray House student, Alizwa Kweliti, received an Old Rhodian Union Bursary Award.

Bennita Benza, Allan Gray House Head Student, was nominated as the President of the Golden Key Society for 2020.  Furthermore, she was awarded the Golden Key New Chapter Award for the student who is an all-rounder in leadership, academics and community engagement, and she is currently on the Dean’s List for academic merit. Bennita has also been awarded the Neville Robertson Scholarship for being the top student in Humanities at Rhodes University.

Three Celeste House Students, Adivhaho Ramaite, Barnabas Muvhuti, and Mziwonke Qwesha presented their papers at the Rhodes University Postgraduate Conference that was held on the 22 & 23 August 2019. Barnabas has also written articles for Tuffs University, ARTTHROB, and Africanah.org.

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