Activism/Transformation/Awareness Raising/Diversity 2018

This year in Drostdy Hall, there has been very good progress through provision of platforms for students to share ideas and raise awareness on various aspects that are associated with a diverse student body who come from diverse backgrounds and have different lived experiences. There is need for the incoming Drostdy leadership team to continue to build on the progress that has been made thus far to engender a culture of positive interactions and promote social harmony.

Transformation Talks First Term

Transformation talks took place in the Drostdy undergrad residences as follows:

  • A talk in Allan Gray focused on gender and sexuality.
  • The talk in Graham and Prince Alfred focused on gender, sexuality and patriarchy.

Speakers included Sheldan Dolf, Phumelele Nkomozake, Elliot Taylor and Nompumelelo Queen. 

Following the transformation talks that focused on gender, Drostdy Hall held transformation workshops for the undergraduate residences. These took place on the 24th and the 25th of February. This workshop dealt with societal issues and were aimed at first year students. The workshop leaders all expressed that they enjoyed the first years' willingness to engage.

The topics covered included:

  • Patriarchy
  • Positive and Toxic Masculinity
  • Rape Culture
  • Feminism
  • Queerphobia
  • Trransphobia
  • Pronouns
  • Sexism and Misogyny 

Robust discussions took place. Learning was stimulated by articles and questionnaires. Afterwards the first years had to further research one of the topics covered, and designed posters about said research. The winning team received a cake. Thank you to Prince Alfred House for sponsoring the prize.

Tutors included Senamile Zungu, Lwazilwenkosi Vazhure, Tariro Mbiba, Dimakatso Pitja, Rapula Diale and Sheldan Dolf. 

Transformation Workshops Term 1

Transformation Workshops - term 1-1Transformation Workshops Term 1-2

Celebrating Diversity

As always, Drostdy Hall participated in the Annual International Week Parade.  Allan Gray House represented Angola, and Graham House represented the USA.

AG - International Parade - 2Graham - International Parade


Graham House reached the quarter finals of the Inter–Res Transformation Debating Competition, which was launched by the Equity & Institutional Culture Office, and the SRC.  A session to help them was held, with help from the Hall Transformation Rep, House Transformation Rep, and with an appearance from the Warden as well!

Well done to them and the Graham Transformation Rep, Sinalo.

Graham-inter-res debating 2

Silent Protest

The Drostdy Transformation Reps decided to make a video to raise awareness about the Silent Protest. Here is the link to this video:

Movie Nights

The undergraduate residences each held a movie night:

  • Allan Gray screened a movie surrounding rape culture
  • Graham House screened a documentary surrounding masculinity
  • Prince Alfred screened Pumpkin.

Transformation - PA Movie Night

Disability Talk

On the 16th of September the Drosdty Hall Transformation Reps held a talk that focused on the exclusion of disabled people from university spaces. The Committee Members of the Enable Society shared their personal journeys with not being able bodied and how it affected their lives. 

This is a quote from one of the audience members: "I thought that it gave us an opportunity to understand ourselves and to know that we are not going through whatever we are going through alone, knowing there are people that can can help you understand your conditions more, is liberating."

Learning, unlearning and relearning took place. Thank you so much to everyone that attended and to the Enable Committee for taking the time to speak to our Hall- we wish them everything of the best for the future.

Transformation - Disability Talk

Painting the Stairs Project

We requested permission to paint various stairs in Drostdy Hall for the visually impaired.  Due to unforeseen circumstances this did not take place this year.  This will be an important project for early next year, and will hopefully help a visually impaired student that will stay in Graham House next year.

The Drostdy Hall Activism/Transformation/Awareness Raising Rep for 2018 was:  Sheldan Dolf (Graham House Sub-Warden)


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