Inter-Res Underwater Hockey

The first inter-res event of the year was underwater hockey, a sport foreign to most of us. The day started off with the first men’s game Calata vs Graham, giving us a chance to come to terms with how to play. Next it was our turn, after much amusement putting on the equipment: a glove, mask, snorkel and fins, the game began, us against Atherstone House. Underwater hockey proved to be more of a challenge than we were expecting, regardless we played our best and had lots of fun.

2016 AG - sports - underwater hockey2016 AG - Sports - Underwater Hockey 2


The last inter-res event for the first term was hockey. It was a very hot day the event started at 09:00 am and ended at 12:00pm depending on how far teams made it. Allan Gray, Prince Alfred and Graham House all took part and supported each other. Allan Gray came third overall for the day, Prince Alfred made it to the quarter finals and Graham House got knocked out in the first round. The day was packed with a lot of fun.

2016 AG Sports - Hockey

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