Drostdy hall has implemented four main values that we all try to live by, these are: Community, Integrity, Excellence and Balance. Each residence tries to live up to these values respectively.

Community engagement is an important part of the life in Prince Alfred House and Drostdy Hall as a whole, as highlighted in our values. Students of Drostdy Hall have the opportunity to be involved in a variety of community engagement options such as the Little Flower Day Centre initiative as well as the Hall Veggie Garden implemented by the hall wardens and coordinated by the Environmental representatives in the different residences. In 2013 the Little Flower Fun Day was a great success for the hall and for the children, who came to the hall to play on the jumping castle, play soccer, drawing and painting.

In 2014 the Prince Alfred ladies have been involved in various community engagement projects made available to them. The ladies have participated in clothing drives in the first semester and some clothes were donated to the Voice of Glory society. The ladies have also been very consistent with maintaining the Veggie Garden, watering their plants and weeding when necessary. Prince Alfred also participated in the Give5 Campaign at the beginning of 2014. The residence was awarded a plasma tv as the winning residence raising up to R4000, which is an improvement from the R1 500 raised in 2013. The ladies in Prince Alfred are enthusiastic and willing to take part in community serving projects.

Community engagement not all exposes the ladies to the Grahamstown community but helps strengthen relationships within Drostdy Hall itself. The hall was awarded a certificate of appreciation by the Give 5 campaign after coming second place.

Prince Alfred, in partnership with the other Drostdy Hall residences, participates in and supports a variety of environmental initiatives. We encourage a well-rounded awareness of relevant environmental issues and provide our ladies with a platform from which they can become personally involved in a number of environmental projects. Students are given the opportunity to help start and maintain their own vegetable patches, in both semesters, which are then harvested, in corporation with our Community Engagement initiatives to supply the soup kitchen with fresh vegetables. Some of the extra lettuce from the garden is also taken to the SPCA, where it has been used to feed the donkeys. Our dining hall uses its left over fresh food scraps to be fed the worms in our hall worm farm which aids us in minimising our food waste and provides us with organic and free nutrient-rich fertiliser for our vegetable garden. Rhodes University offers residences opportunities to recycle waste products such as paper, plastic and glass. Prince Alfred provides easily accessible recycling bins within res that are sorted and collected. As a hall and residence, we also participate in a number of other events throughout the year to promote support and create environmental and conservation awareness. One such event is the Makana Green Fun Run, which is used as an opportunity to raise awareness about environmental issues and sustainable living in Grahamstown as a whole. Prince Alfred aims to help its ladies to become well-rounded individuals, which includes fostering a love and respect for our surrounding environment.