Our main goals as Drostdy Hall (Allan Gray, Prince Alfred, Graham & Celeste House) were:

  • School readiness for the kids of Noncedo Pre-Primary School
  • Gardening and upkeep of the Pre-Primary School garden
  • Lastly, The tag a child / Ubuntu fund clothing drive (which was a huge success)

In terms of School readiness for the kids of Noncedo Pre-Primary, we managed to gather up volunteers together with the respective Community Engagement Reps of the above mentioned reses, to help ensure that the kids would be ready for Grade 1, and essentially Primary School.

The gardening and upkeep was also a success. Different forms of fruit and vegetables were planted, which in the future will be used as food cooked for the kids for their lunch breaks.

A clothing collection was held, and these clothes were then sold to Rhodes staff members and Rhodes students at relatively cheap prices, to collect money to buy the kids of Noncedo Pre-Primary stationery and schooling equipment. Quite a lot of money was collected and the entire initiative was a huge success.

Besides Hall Community Engagement endevours, Graham House held a noodle and sanitary drive in res which was a huge success. The noodles drive was primarily for students who were hungry whilst studying into the late night, and the sanitary and toiletries were for students who could not afford to buy essentials on "rainy" days.

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