We started off the year with a successful Community Engagement Extravaganza during O-Week where students registered for different programmes such as ABMC and Nine-Tenths, where lots of discussions were held and prizes for the scavenger hunt were won.

The Community Engagement Rep attended a Community Engagement seminar in June where we met with our Hall partner for the first time, and planned our goals for the year in the Asset Based Management Course that we participated in.

During the third term, the Prince Alfred House Community Engagement Rep with the Allan Gray House Community Engagement Rep made constant visits to the pre-school and we worked through the ABM course on RUconnected for the rest of the year until we were ready to implement our goals in the fourth term.

In the fourth term on Wednesday 22 September we went to Noncedo preschool to clean up, and pick up broken glass and on Saturday 2 October we painted their backyard wall.  We also bought them toys, colouring books and posters, including colourful animal posters we made ourselves.

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We bought the preschool toys, coloring books, posters. We also made colorful animal posters.

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