We had a good partnership with Noncedo Pre-Primary this year, our ECD partner.  We painted the school for Mandela Trading Live Week, and did money collections at Pick n Pay for them.  We provided prizes and snacks for a function of theirs, and throughout the year were involved in a reading scheme for them.

Drostdy did very well with Give 5 this year.  Drostdy came second out of the Halls, and Allan Gray House came second out of all the RU residences.

Internal Res/Hall initiatives this year included clothing, stationery and toiletry drives, to benefit Drostdy students in need. Graham House even had a noodles drive.

CE - Painting Noncedo 2CE - Painting NoncedoCE - Painting Noncedo 3CE - Pick n Pay Money Collection

CE - Pick n Pay Money Collection 2

CE - Give 5 Poster

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