At the beginning of the year we attended the leadership training programme in which individual house committee members went through a series of trainings which broadened the responsibility of each profile.  As part of the environmental activities which occurred after this training, I attended a meeting on plastic bag recycling, as well as the dangers in which unrecycled or plastic in general has for the world (extensively affecting the aquatic or marine life in the oceans). I therefore implemented the idea of using less single use plastic material during our first house meeting with the first years. I also attended workshops on water testing where we were provided with testing kits. Myself and the Allan Gray Environmental Rep, Regina, worked together to test the water from our respective residences, and the one served as drinking water in the dining hall, and reported the results to Kate Matooane, the SRC Environmental Councilor. I also gave the results to the house regarding the safety of drinking the tap water at the time. At the first house meeting the students were made aware of the changes that were to take place regarding the new water protocol as there is a shortage of water in Makana. The Warden has been of great encouragement and has already implemented the methods of saving water within our residence.


With the water crisis, we tried to push water saving throughout res. Posters provided on water saving were put up in major areas such as bathrooms, the kitchen, on notice boards and near the doors. We have also been using grey water to flush toilets. This was ensured by closing the taps to the toilet cisterns and removing the tap heads to make sure students could not open them again.

 ~Ntombifuthi Msimango (Transformation and Environmental Rep for Prince Alfred House)

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