We had a number of events that took place for community engagement that were done by Prince Alfred House with the assistance of our brother res and our sister res. The events included painting our Partner’s classroom (Noncedo Pre- School) as a celebration of Nelson Mandela Day. For the painting to be a success, we came up with the idea of asking for donations from the Grahamstown society, and got permission from Pick n Pay to stand outside the shop and ask for donations. The money was used to buy the paint.

Secondly the other event that took place was the Mr and Miss Noncedo competition. They asked for our support with the prizes for the winners and the snacks for the children. Money leftover from the collection for paint was used . Furthermore they asked us to provide them with students that wiould be judges during the event, and we managed to get students from each residence to be part of the event.

In Prince Alfred House we also had drives that took place as a way of assisting each other when in need. These included pad drives, and clothing drives. We also fundraised for Give 5, by baking and selling the goods, and collecting money.

 CE - Painting Noncedo

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