Once again the Hall did incredibly well in inter-residence sport this year.  Allan Gray came second and Prince Alfred came third in the female residences competition, and Graham came fifth in the male residences competition.  Allan Gray House also won the Spirit Award.

Achievements 2015 - Sporting - 2 Achievements 2015 - Sporting - 3 Achievements 2015 - Sporting - Dancesport - big pic

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Investec Rhodes Top 100 Awards

The annual Investec Rhodes Top 100 awards are prestigious awards made to current Rhodes students in recognition and endorsement of their achievements across a range of categories. 

 The following Drostdy Students received awards this year:

  • Kay Mosiane, Allan Gray Sub-Warden – General Excellence
  • Shivani Moodley, Allan Gray – Academic Excellence – Law

 The following Drostdy Alumni Students received awards this year:

  • RV Runyoro, previously of Graham – Community Engagement
  • Zweli Hlatshwayo, previously of Celeste – Sports & General Excellence
  • Carissa Govender, former Allan Gray Sub-Warden – Student Leadership
  • Stuart Lewis, previously of Graham – Student Leadership
  • Relo Sikwane, former Drostdy Hall Senior Student – Student Leadership

Achievements 2015 - Investec RU Top 100 Awards Left to right:  Relo Sikwane, Shivani Moodley, Kay Mosiane & Carissa Govender.

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This is a competition between the Halls on campus to see who can organise the best fun-filled activity which is enjoyable and safe. The winning event is the one which most effectively spreads the message to the widest number of students that one can have plenty of fun without abusing any substance.  Once again this year Drostdy Hall came third, for the Round the Block Relay event.

Round the Block 2015 - 6 Round the Block 2015 - 2

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There was a significant improvement in academics in the Hall in general for the June exams compared to last year’s November exams.  This was most probably due to residence and dining hall study venues, good Hall and Res Academic Reps, res library study visits, Warden one on one discussions with students regarding academics, outlining the importance of good academic results, recognition, academic support volunteers, etc.

Achievements 2015 - Academics

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Kay Mosiane - 2015 NAF - Simply Broadway Kay Mosiane, an Allan Gray House Sub-Warden, starred in the “Simply Broadway” show for the 3rd year running during this year's National Arts Festival. In addition to this, she also coordinated the NAF Parade held on the last two days of the National Arts Festival.

Brad & Sankey - Nat Caf - NAF 2015 Shawn Sankey a Graham House Sub-Warden, and Brad Lang a Graham House Committee member, performed at the National Arts Fest in NAT CAF.

NAT(urally) CAF(feinated) is an improv comedy troupe that delivers fantastically funny skits an sketches based solely on suggestions from the audience.

Sankey - VOID - NAF 2015 Graham House Sub-Warden, Shawn Sankey, performed in the Rhodes Production "Void" at the National Arts Festival.

Sankey is also an actor in "Finding Graham's Town", that was screened at the National Arts Festival.

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