Allan Gray, Prince Alfred and Graham House have been good this year at following the RU water crisis procedures, especially compared to other Halls.  This was ensured by closing the taps to the toilet cisterns and removing the tap heads to make sure students could not open them again and to make sure students used the grey water for flushing toilets.

The Celeste House Environmental Rep represented Celeste House at Sci-Fest by helping to highlight the possible uses of recycled 2ltr plastic bottles and plastic bags in building low cost eco-friendly housing as well as furniture.

Each of the residences also had their own in-house initiatives, such as: testing their rain water tank water so see if the water is safe to drink, recycling, arranging drinking water delivery to their Res from Aqua Pure, awareness raising, etc.

Planned 2020 Project:  Planting Spekboom Trees.


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