Res braai. It was held on the 3rd of March at the Barratt lawns. The Res members came in their numbers. Games were played, music was played and a lot of fun was had.

PA Res Braai 1st Term PA Res Braai 1st Term - 1

First years who attended the Oppidan Speed Dating Event. They were dressed to kill and really enjoyed themselves.

PA First Years - Oppidan Speed Dating Event

Prince Alfred sisterhood. As a res, we have fun together to promote solidarity.

PA Sisterhood

O Week - Amazing Race

PA - O Week - Amazing Race

In the second term, the Academic Rep organised a first years’ academic tea.  We invited our former Sub-Warden, Miss Kudzai Tsvetu, to motivate and encourage the first years, as well as to give them guidance on how to deal with university life.
For the rest of the residence students a motivational talk was held. We invited a motivational speaker, Miss Thina Maqubela, a former Drostdy Hall Fellow, to give us some words of inspiration and how to deal with situations in and out of university life.

A Res braai took place on the 28th of July and was a fun-filled event. Our independent ladies as per usual, were more than excited to assist in making the day a big success. As a res, we always try bond whenever we have the time, as can be seen in the photos of the ladies braai-ing the meat and enjoying themselves. Overall, there was a lot of dancing, a lot of singing, a lot of eating and most importantly a lot of de-stressing

PA - third term braai 

A res birthday party was held on the 22nd of September, for all the students who had a birthday in the second semester. It was a successful event with lots of fun and games.

PA - 2nd semester birthday night

In the second semester, the Academic Rep & Head Student sold brownies in order to fundraise for the top ten academic achievers breakfast for Prince Alfred House. The breakfast took place at Spur on the 5th of October.  Everyone who attended the breakfast also got a huge slice of chocolate as a treat for the day .

Academics - PA Top Academics Breakfast

The Awards Ceremony which was our final event took place on the 6th of October. The main focus of this event was to celebrate each and every individual from PA, as in their own way they have made the res a better space for the next person. We also took time to acknowledge those who will not be returning to what we call our home and wished them well in their different chosen paths. Games were played to break the ice and we had a few performances from a few of our res-mates. This was followed by the presentation of the awards certificates. Fun was had, accompanied with good music, good food and great vibes.

PA Awards - House Photo - FunnyPA Awards

Prince Alfred House`s main theme was disability. At the beginning of the first semester “tut” groups were held to discuss patriarchy and gender. A combined talk on the same issue was held at Graham House between Prince Alfred House and Graham House.
In the third term, a movie trio between Allan Gray, Graham House and Prince Alfred was held on consecutive Fridays. As PA, we showcased “Pumpkin”, a 2002 romance movie about disability and romance. It was such an enlightening event and opened our eyes as a res to not discriminate against disabled individuals.

Transformation - PA Movie Night

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