This year Drostdy Hall's Community Engagement programme was split into the Internal Community Engagement programme and the External Community Engagement programme. The reason behind the split was that within Drostdy Hall we saw a need for us to be able to reach out not only to the outside community but also to reach out within the Drostdy Hall Community.

For the External Community Engagement programme,  we took up an Early Childhood Development (ECD) centre called Noncedo Pre School in Joza location, where we spent our Saturday mornings going down to the Pre School and starting a garden for them. The partnership between Noncedo Pre School was quite fun as we managed to raise quite a bit of money by selling clothes and also having cake sales.

The Internal Community Engagement programme was new but also very exciting. An internal clothing drive called the "Free Thrift Shop" where students from Drostdy could come in and take clothes they need that were donated by other students. This was a quite success in terms of both the donations coming in and also the students having a free shopping spree. The Internal Engagement programme also managed to start up in all the reses an internal toiletries and clothing drive. This meant that students who needed toiletries within the reses had toiletries within their reach.

This year has been quite a fruitful year for Drostdy Hall's Community Engagement division as many of our goals were reached.

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