Formal Welcome Dinner

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RU International Parade & Hall Braai

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Swot Week Brunch 2015

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Round the Block Relay & Hall Burger Braai

On Saturday the 19th of September, Drostdy Hall hosted their annual Round the Block event, which we also chose to be Drostdy’s annual Live Smart Challenge. The Live Smart Challenge is an event held by the Hall in which we intend to effectively spread the message to the students of our hall about responsible drinking and that one can have plenty of fun without abusing alcohol. This year’s Round the Block event was very successful and the participation and spirit was outstanding. The event consists of members of teams running around a set area that surrounds our hall and is approximately 600-800m.

The male teams consisted of 8 members per team, the female teams consisted of 6 members and the mixed teams consisted of 7 members. People may also enter fun teams in which the members of the team dress in funky outfits and are allowed to get around the route in whichever way they chose. Five teams entered the serious race and Graham House came out on top with a win. Max Mitchell from Graham House was awarded the fasted male with a time of 1min54secs and Tayla Dominy of Allan Gray House was awarded the fastest female with a time of 2mins30secs. The best dressed team was awarded to Prince Alfred and the team with the most spirit was awarded to Allan Gray.

Following this incredibly well participated race was a burger braai which was taken charge by Cameron Drake and his fellow Braai Masters, Callan Grecia and Shawn Sankey. The food was incredible and everyone really enjoyed it as well as the interaction amongst all the residences that took part. To end the evening off, those who stuck around enjoyed an intimate marshmallow braai. All round, the event was very successful and lots of fun!! 

- Dylan Bouchier, Drostdy Hall Sports Rep 2015

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Formal Leavers Dinner

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