The first years take the reins and organize a party of their own held in the Graham Bar and Court Yard.

Almost every Saturday the common room is filled with sports enthusiasts; watching sports that include Football, Rugby, Golf, Tennis, Athletics, Boxing, Motor Sports and Cricket. All watched on the Graham communal HD TV



A second term event that takes place in the evening where the Graham Gentlemen reflect on the year’s (so far) events. Formal Clothing is worn.

The tightest shirt one has in one’s closet is worn on this day.

In the Graham bar a Toga (commonly one’s bed sheet) is worn on ones body) and a party is held in the Graham Bar and courtyard.

The first years take the rains and organize a party of their own held in the Graham Bar and Court Yard

Another evening of reflection is held in the last term in the Common Room of Graham House. Residents are presented with awards in the form of a certificate that relate to happenings and memorable events in the year.

The Graham Common Room is darkened and a scary movie is watched on an High Definition Television with much blanket pulling and spilling of hot chocolate.

Soccer games are traditionally played in the afternoon no matter the weather.

Ever so often beverages are consumed in the Graham Bar, while listening to tunes from the two 12 inch, Dixon Speakers in the Bar.

Many games are played in the Graham Common Room from pool, to chess, to table tennis to poker. Winners are given prizes and delicious finger foods are consumed hastily and with much enthusiasm.