This aspect has lagged behind this year, in the Hall and it's residences, despite growing concerns on environmental impacts through various human activities including pollution and unsustainable utilisation of natural resources. Future plans are to initiate vigorous awareness raising campaigns to provide information on the implications of environmental degradation, particularly the loss of ecosystem services that are essential for human well-being and our livelihoods.

This year has been dominated by the water crisis that Grahamstown and the Country at large have been facing. 

At a Hall level we have:

  • Shared information on the water crisis with the students to bring awareness and encourage responsible use of water.
  • Temporary bans on laundry during times of particularly low water pressure to help reduce water usage.
  • Installed water filters on some of our rain water tanks to improve the water quality of these tanks which are an alternative water source.
  • Avoided water reliant projects and activities such as gardens and car wash events.

The majority of these measures were short term solutions, however, since reduced rains are a reality for the foreseeable future we recommend long term plans such as improved water recycling infrastructure particularly the reuse of grey water and continued efforts to train students to use water sparingly and responsibly.

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