Celeste House Activities 2018

A Meet & Greet function was held in the first term.

Celeste - first term Meet & Greet

Celeste House participated in Give 5

For the first time, Celeste House participated in the Give 5 campaign. Through a raffle, selling marshmallows eggs and Give 5 branded items, we managed to raise R1312.56, of which went towards the Ubuntu Fund. The Ubuntu Fund provides toiletries and food for students in need and who cannot afford such things.

The ticket price was from as little as R5 and the Warden, Sub-Wardens and House Comm members assisted with the sale of the tickets. The 1st prize was a R500 book voucher sponsored by Van Schaik, 2nd prize was two food vouchers (worth R300) sponsored by Saints Bistro, 3rd prize was R300 breakfast hamper sponsored by Celeste House and the Warden (Sylvester Jeffries), 4th prize was 2 Revelations Coffee Shop vouchers worth R100 and 5th prize was two Revelations Coffee shop vouchers worth R100.  A draw was made, and perspective winners received their prizes.

Celeste Give 5

Drostdy Hall Partnership with Noncendo Pre-school

Celeste House, Prince Alfred, Allan Gray and Graham House were assigned to assist Noncendo Pre-school with the ECD Literacy programme, and help it achieve its 2018 Goals. The goals were as follows:  School Readiness, Gardening & Painting.

For School Readiness, all the Drostdy Community Engagement Reps and student volunteers from the different houses participated in a fundraising event to raise money for the books. The plan was to buy eight kids woodworks packages. Through a market sale on the Drostdy Hall lawns (on 29th April 2018), we sold second-hand clothes (donated by different house residents in the previous year), brownies and cupcakes.  We managed to raise R1254.30, of which R600 was spent on the woodwork packages.

For the Gardening, Miss Lungile (from Noncendo Pre-school) organised people to teach and help the teachers, the kids’ parents and the student volunteers from the perspective Drostdy Hall houses with the gardening, which was done on the 19th March 2018. Noncendo now has a garden, however more work still must be done on it.

For the Painting, we had a donation collection at Pick’n Pay during the Trading Live for Mandela Week (20th July 2018). R1400 was raised, and some of the money was used to buy paint and painting brushes.  Noncendo was then painted outside by student volunteers from the different Drostdy Hall houses on the 18 August 2018.

Internally, in Celeste House, a clothes and noodle drive collection box was set-up in the corridor of the main entrance, however only a few people donated.

CE - 1CE - 2CE - CECE - CE 3

 Wishing Nomawonga a Happy Birthday

The Celeste Students presented a cake to Nomawonga, Celeste Housekeeping Staff Member, on her birthday.

CE - birthday cake for Nomawonga

 Games afternoon with Oakdene House

CE - board games with Oakdene

Celeste at the Drostdy Hall Leavers Dinner

CE - at leavers dinner

Celeste House Committee 2018

CE - House Comm Photo

Celeste House Photo 2018 (the "funny" side of Celeste)

CE - House Photo Funny



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