Activism/Transformation/Awareness Raising/Diversity 2019

A consent talk for Drostdy Hall was held in the second term on the 15 May.  The speaker was Dr Zethu Mkhize, the University's Harassment and Discrimination Manager. This talk was informative and tried to relate to the students in an attempt to help them understand consent more clearly. This also created a platform for discussion and questions.

As always, Drostdy Hall participated in the Annual International Week Parade, which was held on the 18 May.  Prince Alfred House represented the Netherlands.  Allan Gray represented Mauritius, Austria & Egypt.  Celeste House also attended, but did not represent any specific country.

Building on the information from the consent talk, the Equity and Institutional Culture Office collaborated with the Fine Arts Department to host design workshops in each hall for consent themed pillowcases. The attendance for the Drostdy Hall workshop on the 04 August, was higher than most other halls and we had some extremely creative designs. The Transformation Reps were helpful in recruiting the students to participate and getting their creativity flowing.

There was also a talk held for Drostdy Hall informing students about the updated Sexual Offences Policy, on the 10 Sep. The speaker once again was Dr Mkhize. This helped students to understand what can be done when they are faced with these unthinkable situations. Booklets detailing the policy were distributed to the students in the hall in the week following the talk.

Graham House hosted their own talk on mental health and gender-based violence, in the fourth term. Former Graham Sub-Warden and former Chairperson of Nkoli-Fassie, Sheldon Dolf facilitated the discussion.

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