Allan Gray participated in RU Jamming during O Week.

AG - RU Jamming

AG Sisters Meet & Greet, held on 17 March
First years, students who volunteered to become a res sister, and house comm attended.
First years with their res sisters played games to get to know and be comfortable around each other.
AG Sisters Meet & Greet
AG Sisters Meet & Greet 2

 Allan Gray represented Angola at the RU International Week Parade.

AG - International ParadeAG - International Parade - 2

Allan Gray Cultural Sports Day

The purpose of this event was for the Allan Gray Students to come together, share and teach each other their own cultural and indigenous games.

AG - cultural games

Top Academic Achievers Breakfast

This took place on the 11th of August 2018 in the Allan Gray main common room.

AG - Top Achievers Breakfast 2AG - Top Achievers Breakfast 3AG - Top Achievers Breakfast

Study Skills Event

This event took place on the 22 of October 2018 in the common room.

Topics of discussion:

  • top 3 study skills from top achievers
  • tips on how to manage anxiety
  • how to effectively manage time
  • what to do when you get sick or have to go home for something before the exam i.e different LOA systems
  • techniques on answering exam paper questions i.e answer what you know first, start answering easier questions to build momentum.

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