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Environmental Education Association of Southern Africa (EEASA) 30th Annual Conference and Workshop


Between the 11th-14th of September 2012, Rhodes University the home of Environmental Learning Research Centre (ELRC), the Sustainability Commons and the Makana Regional Centre of Expertise (RCE) for the UN Decade on Education for Sustainable Development will be hosting this years’ EEASA conference. 

The theme for the conference is “Environmental Learning, Agency and Social Change”. Proposed conference streams include ‘Natural Resource Management, Biodiversity, Conservation and Agriculture’, ‘Higher Education and Training’, ‘Formal Schooling’, ‘Informal Learning’, ‘Business and Industry’, ‘Local and National Government’, Informal Learning’, and Inter-sectoral (cross-cutting) work.

For full details on conference fees, registration, accommodation, abstract and paper submission, please visit  www.EEASAConference.co.za

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Global Change Challenges and Critical Realism Debates - DON'T MISS IT!

The International Association of Critical Realism (IACR) Conference is scheduled to hold from the 18th-20th of July 2012 at Rhodes University, Grahamstown, South Africa.

Global change challenges such as economic decline, persistent inequality and social injustice, climate change, loss of biodiversity and environmental degradation are symptoms of a wider set of issues with roots in established norms, social practices and power structures.

IACR2012 seeks to raise debate, and critically question the significance of ontological realism, epistemological relativism and judgemental rationality to global change challenges; on the African continent that continues to be framed as 'marginal' in the global world order.

Can critical realist tools and concepts help us re-think development, social mobilisation, nature-culture relations and other social practices such as politics, education, work, employment, health and well being?

For more information please go to www.IACR2012conference.co.za

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  • ELRC in action @ the 2014 Art Festival

    Re-imagining social practice for sustainability which features in the 2014 Arts Festival in Grahamstown will be anchored by the Environmental Learning Research Centre (ELRC), Rhodes University from 3rd-13th July, 10:00-11:00 am daily. 

    Events lined up for the week include public lectures, talks, discussions, workshops, debates, and book launch. 

    Speakers include Rob O'Donoghue, Heila Lotz-Sisitka, Jay O'Keefe, Ingrid Schudel, Lausanne Olvitt, Zintle Songqwaru, Priya Vallabh, Soul Shava, Nick Homer and more.

    For more information click here ELRC arts festival poster 2014 or see page 281 of the festival programme here 2014 National Arts Festival.

    We look forward to seeing you.